About Me


  • Survivor

  • Professional Life Coach

  • Founder & Owner of HealingDayByDay Life Coaching LL

  • Creator of HealingDayByDay YouTube Channel

I am a YouTube Educator, Life Coach and Thriving Survivor! I found strength, healing, true purpose and meaning in my life since going no contact and beginning my journey!

My personal story inspired me to become a life coach and create HealingDayByDay YouTube channel to educate, support and  help survivors in their path to self healing and self discovery! I work with clients who have experienced narcissistic abuse. Some were raised by a narcissistic parent, others are or were in relationships with someone with narcissism. Despite their unique circumstances, they are all seeking my help to address and heal from the effects narcissistic abuse has had on their lives. They come to me not only looking for help, but also for answers to their questions. I was once in your shoes. I became a Life Coach to inspire, empower and help those who are in or fresh out of a toxic relationship. Through hard work, self work and self discipline, I overcame narcissistic abuse despite the difficult challenges and struggles. You're never alone and your life has purpose and meaning and you can overcome narcissistic abuse too!




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