Transform and Master Your Life After Abuse!

"The First and Most Important Person You Must Believe In Is Yourself "

I Specialize In The Following Areas:




-Dating & Relationships
 -Going No Contact or Low Contact

 -Setting & Establishing Boundaries

-Trauma Bonding
-Rebuilding Your Self Esteem, Confidence & Self Worth

-How To Practice Self Love
-Healing From Past Toxic Relationships and Trauma

Email is my preferred way to communicate with you because it gives you the space needed to brainstorm and really think about your goals and what you want to achieve in life and be able to articulate that in writing. Email coaching is more economical! It is almost always a lot cheaper than face-to-face coaching. It's convenient for your busy life and you can communicate with me on the go or from the comforts of your own home! There is no pressure or the feeling that someone is eavesdropping. It's 100% confidential and introspective and a safe place where you can express yourself without judgement plus you can screenshot our correspondences for future reference.









1. You are free to cancel your subscription however, you will need to give a 48 hour notice. There will be no refunds on coaching services/packages.

2. I reserve the right to terminate your subscription at any time.

3. I also reserve the right to decide which clients I work with and to ban from my website and coaching practice if they behave disrespectfully to me. Profanity in email correspondences with me is prohibited. If you reach out to me inquiring about my coaching services and you use profanity in your email, this is an automatic disqualifier and you will not receive coaching services from me. If you are a client and you use profanity, to be fair, you will receive one warning. If you continue to use profanity after you have been warned, your coaching services will be terminated.

4. Email correspondences will only be during weekdays (Monday-Wednesdays) excluding, Thursdays, Fridays, weekends and holidays. Emails sent on weekends will be responded to on Monday. Email sent on holidays will be responded to the next day.

5. Cancellation Policy- HealingDayByDay Life Coaching has a 48 hour cancellation/rescheduling policy for consultations and and coaching sessions. If for any reason you need to cancel and/or reschedule your session or consultation, you may do so by providing a 48 hours notice via email to in advance of your session or consultation and making up your session/consultation within a week of the original scheduled date. Sessions or consultations not canceled 48 hours in advance will not be eligible for make-ups. If you miss your session or consultation with less than 24-hour notice, you will forfeit your fees and your session/consultation will be terminated.


This package includes one 60 minute individual session. You  are able to send me unlimited emails with any questions or concerns you may have within your 60 minute session. I will reply giving you my 1-on-1 personalized advice tailored specifically to you and your situation, advice that will empower you, uplift you and set you on the right path in life. Once I have received your full payment, I will send you a follow-up email with a secure link to book your 60 minute session .

I care about every response I give you and I put a lot of thought into my writing so that it speaks to you as an individual. All my emails are individually crafted by me after reading your email. I don't use general or cookie cutter templates because I believe each email you send me deserves a personalized reply giving you all my insights. My emails are tailor made for you to help you achieve what you want in life. I tailor each email to address the specific questions  and struggles you are working through. You'll get practical tips, strategies, insight, and perspective you can utilize right away. I have no maximum word count in my replies. 


My email life coaching isn't about endless conversations, it's about helping you to stay real and helping align yourself with your true purpose in life. If this is something that resonates with you, please get back in touch and let me help you in your path of healing and self discovery.

I look forward to talking with you soon!

Coach Holly



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